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The HIP Podcast is the premier podcast for cybersecurity pros charged with defending hybrid identity environments. Hosted by 15-time Microsoft MVP and Active Directory security expert, Sean Deuby.

Presented by Semperis: the pioneers of identity-driven cyber resilience for the hybrid enterprise.

May 5, 2022

IDPro has become the organization for identity pros looking for career support, development, and all-around comradery. From conducting an annual survey on the “pulse of the industry” to creating an expert Body of Knowledge to developing an IAM-specific certification—the Certified Identity Profession (CIDPRO) program, IDPro offers a wealth of resources for identity pros at every level.  In this session of the HIP Podcast, Sean talks with IDPro founder (and Salesforce Senior VP of Identity Product Management) Ian Glazer about IDPro’s origins and ongoing mission, the importance of vendor-neutral training materials, and what’s next for the organization.